Startup recipe by Matti Alahuhta & Jorma Ollila

At the first day of #slush14 the main stage (silver stage) was populated by Finnish executives who have actually done it – build and maintained successful businesses.

How to build a best startup team?

According to the former CEO of KONE Matti Alahuhta and Chairman of the Board of DevCo Partners Oy you need diversity. Diversity doesn’t mean different races of even sexes. It means that you have persons in different ages with different kind of experiences.

Choose people with different ways of thinking.

How to find a winning concept for a startup company for an existing company?

Alahuhta told a story about his day at KONE. KONE was a respected company with an owner family and a lots of miles already in the meter. Alahuhta tapped into megatrends – what is going to be next big thing. It seemed that in the world where the amount of people is ever growing and time is a crucial factor one of the key things is how people get around. KONE’s new vision was born. You can tap into it from their slogan – Dedicated to people flow. Further on this key idea was turned into hands on business goals.

Find out megatrends, translate them to vision and a business goal and build that to a company.

How to pick out a management team?

Jorma Ollila, Non-Executive Chairman of Royal Dutch, was asked this question. During his days at Nokia Corporation, the team that he was a part of was often cited as “dream team”. Ollila’s own dream management team has 3-7 persons. Ollila cited an academic research that states that the ultimate winning number for a management team is 4,7 persons. Anyway In practice a small team is effective. The team should have people from different background (diversity).

Pick people who share your passion.

Matti Alahuhta_SLUSH


by: Hanna Wikström