Leaders’ Forum: The Future of Work – Lessons to take home

It’s storming outside and the Millennium Pavilion is shaking worryingly. On the stage the panelist are gathering. 5 Finnish leaders: Anne Berner, Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Anne Brunila, Tuuli Kaskinen and Oras Tynkkynen, and ever so brilliant Ambassador of the United States Bruce Oreck.

The days of labour intensive work in Western Countries are definitely over. What should we do? Our panelist do not give a one answer, they give several pearls of thought to build on.

The new worker

A person that can survive in the global competition of work is curious, possesses a creative mindset and is a brilliant story teller.

The person possesses an entrepreneurial mindset. She is adaptable. Whatever is happening in the constantly changing environment, she will find ways to adapt.


The new teams

The best team is not a team of homogeneous people with the same cultural heritage and educational back ground.

Work is not tied to one location.


Innovationis embedded in the organizational culture. The new worker and her team learn from experience and also from mistakes. Instead of just setting up yet another working group, the individuals roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Instead of first inventing something brilliant and then trying to find out who would want it, one starts from the real needs. The end result is tech that satisfies real needs and is wanted.

Innovation and incentive works together. The society must encourage people to try out new things. If you are too comfortable, you will not thrive to succeed.

The new leaders

Nowadays the leadership is a bottle neck. The future leader will not lead processes. He will put down his engineering mindset and use instead “people issue” thinking.

And remember what Bruce Oreck said: Failure is a synonym for getting to success!

by: Hanna Wikström

The event was organized by Technology Academy Finland, Association for Finnish Work and Aalto Future Club.