Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) from steel industry


Energy efficiency research group

Case profile

The method enables producing precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) from slags of steel or iron ore industry by using ammonium salts. The final product, PCC is an important paper filler and coating material. By producing PCC from a carbonate-free calcium-based material such as natural calcium silicate or iron and steel slags, significant reductions in CO2 emissions could be achieved. Working demonstration plant has been built.

The aim of the commercialization project and timetable

The team is planning to finance the commercialization project by applying for TUTL (New knowledge and business from research ideas) funding instrument provided by Tekes. If the financing is obtained, the project will take place between 5/2014 – 12/2015.

The startup mentor acts as commercial support for the technical team. The startup mentor is middle person between Aalto University and potential pilot customer. This gives an opportunity to be a co-founder and a member in the startup team.

TUTL is one of the three funding instruments that Tekes offers to research organizations and universities. During a TUTL project the project group prepares the commercialization of a research idea. The aim of the project is to produce a new start-up company or alternatively a new business area for an existing company. More information:

Startup mentor profile

We assume you are familiar with the key players in the Energy sector and/or Environmental technology. Hands-on working approach and motivation to learn by doing are assets.

NB. This is not a consulting assignment.

Get acquainted with the startup mentor concept from the following link.

Did you get interested?

Please email stating witch case you are interested in and attach your CV as pdf.  Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) will contact the suitable candidates personally.

Enquiries: Innovation Coordinator Emmi Heikkilä, Please send your possible enquiries by email.