AppCampus was a global mobile applications accelerator program originally founded by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University Foundation. Program attracted innovative students and mobile start-ups around the world. The three-year program ran from March 2012 to May 2015 and was managed by Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. The goal of the program was to support app development on Windows platform and help mobile developers become successful entrepreneurs.

The program provided mobile developers with funding and coaching in mobile technologies, design and usability. The start-ups have had a global distribution channel for their apps through the Windows Phone Store. The attendees also received business coaching by the best mobile coaches and guidance in monetizing their applications.

What was achieved?

The AppCampus start-ups have published 315 apps during the program. Altogether 4300 teams from over 100 countries applied for the program. One fifth of the 305 start-ups approved in the program were Finnish. AppCampus helped developers increase quality and chances for success, which is proven by AppCampus apps generating nearly 7 times more downloads compared to an average app in the Windows Phone Store. AppCampus apps have generated more than twice the revenue compared to average in the Windows Phone Store. According to a study among the AppCampus teams, the program has helped in creating at least 850 new jobs, of which 59 are in Finland.


AppCademy was an intensive accelerator camp run by AppCampus. AppCademy was a 2 to 4-week training camp held in Espoo, Finland. The most talented and promising teams accepted to the AppCampus program were invited to the camp. AppCademy teams got support for some of the airfare as well as lodging during their stay in Finland. AppCademy was held approximately four times a year at the Open Innovation House located in the heart of Aalto University.

The camp offered extensive coaching and training in branding & positioning, design and UX excellence, development, monetization, marketing, communications and much more. Teams were coached to pitch their ideas for future partners (including investors). Teams were also given a lot of networking possibilities and chances to demo their ideas.

AppCademy was structured to provide lots of hands-on training sessions and 1-on-1 coaching. The ultimate goal was that at the end of the camp teams would either had launched or demoed their apps successfully.

AppCademy Online

The most relevant modules of the AppCademy Acceleration Camp were selected for AppCademy Online. The modules are available through a series of video lectures, slides, articles and exercises.

AppCademy online modules open for everyone

Dealing with Investors  – how to position your start-up as a good investment and what investors are looking for

Digital Marketing for Developers – a short introduction on what app to build, how to monetize, publish, promote and advertise it and why you want to do it all.

Product Excellence – tools, tips and secrets how to make products people love.

AdDuplex – you will learn about AdDuplex network and how to utilize it as a part of your Windows 8 or WindowPhone app promotion strategy.

Introduction to Pitching – you will learn basic elements of a pitch, some pitfalls to avoid and tips and tricks of fundamental presentation skills.

Coreloop & Onboarding– Introduction to basic concepts such as economics of F2P vs PAID, core loop and on boarding with your game or app

User Acquisition– Introduction to user acquisition, basic concepts, terminology and financial considerations on paid acquisition.

PR & Communications – “Working with media” covers the fundamentals of how to work with media and to build and maintain media relations. Get insight of the key aspects for efficient communication and tips for dealing with interviews.

Analytics (Priori Data) – Introduction to basic Appstore analytics using Priori Data application

Ads in Mobile Games and Apps – Introduction course to promotion and monetising with ads to game and app developers.

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AppCampus Apps

AppCampus helped more than 300 teams to publish apps during the 3-year program. Below the list of the originally published apps with a link to Windows Store. Click on the icon to download and enjoy the app!