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Active Cases

The core of our commercialization projects consists of cases that are based on innovations made in Aalto University. At this page (above) we showcase a selected array of our latest commercialization projects i.e. active cases. In these there is clear subject matter ready to be commercialized.

Startup Mentor Concept

The mentor and adept concept is known from academy world. A young student gets a person from the working-life to mentor her. Though in our concept there is a to-be startup company to be mentored instead of a student.

The role of the startup mentor is to commercialize the technology. Main tasks include developing a business idea and business strategy and implementing them. Startup mentor has an opportunity to be a co-founder and a member in the startup team.

A startup mentor is a person with entrepreneurial mindset. The ideal person has been an entrepreneur or a startup entrepreneur or possesses knowledge of building a business from scratch. Furthermore the startup mentor should be familiar with the key players and market mechanisms of field of business in question.

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Please email stating witch case you are interested in and attach your CV as pdf. Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) will contact the suitable candidates personally.


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